Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Doing some farting around with GIMP this afternoon

Should be working but whatever.
Started this because of this -
thanks +matt jackson
Oh FYI Matt has a Patreon page -

 The other bit of fun I got today was reading this super cool review from Merric B about the "mad god's jest".

It made my day, and it gives me a bit of hope that on occasion I'm doing things right.

I am still working on the adventure about Slargh.  Which is going to be apart of the Crimhuck world.  What I intend to do is just put out adventures in crimhuck, and slowly build the world as I go.  I have a brief outline of it here.

My only issue at this point with Slargh, is that I created some maps using pyromancer, and and now I'm rethinking them, and considering just drawing them myself.  Which I may just do.

Good god do I ramble!

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