Monday, August 1, 2016

Old School Session 8 - The Balding Minotaur Inn.

We gathered together for a little session a few days ago.  The great thing about the session was it was pretty much 90% roleplaying.  However I've noticed that one of my players is a major math geek, you can almost see him crunching numbers in his head.  And more oft than not he knows exactly how much hit points are left of certain monsters.  (Note must use taller DM screen in future).  The players had just finished up the tomb of gardag the strange and made their way to the "balding minotaur inn" a small inn/tavern not to far from gardags tomb, on the road to Elerd's keep.  The small hobbit village of brymassen is a day's ride from Inn.  The plan was to find Hamona, the great great granddaughter of Zalish, who killed Gardgag in the first place.  She sent the PC's off to find his dagger.  (to which they were successful!).

Back at the Inn, they met a barmaid named "herbert", who procceeded to talk with the PC's about Harmona, and a few other things.  Cue major role playing when the DM sits in the lap of one of his players, and pretends to attempt to seduce him.  Oh funny.

After not getting much in the way of information out of herbert, other than the fact that Hamona doesn't live very far from the Inn, on a small farm.  They then proceeded to have a few drinks in the tavern.

A old man sitting by the fire summoned them over, and discussed with them some things that he had seen, including Hobgoblin patrols.

Finkidliator the thief, had seen a vision regarding the hobgoblins, and their crest as well.  To which he discussed with the old man, it appears the hobgoblins are one and the same.  As well our friendly dwarf bronsbane told of the vision he saw.

On other vistor was a halfling priest, who was on the road, he talked with the PC's about a girl in brymassen that had come down with a sickness.

The PC's slept the night in the Inn and made their way towards Hamona's farm.  The road turned from a actual road to a horse trail.  At some point one of the PC's noticed movement in the bushes, and made their way up slowly and carefully to see what he could see (it was the thief).  And for the first time, he was able to roll under on percentile dice.  He noticed some bandits and a woman with them.

Turns out Hamona's plan the entire time was to have the PC's go in and raid the tomb, then ambush them afterwards and steal their gold and treasures.  (I should reallly write that into the version of Gardag on drivethru, excellent plot twist).

A fight ensues, the PC's kill off all the bandits save Hamona, who they take captive.

The thief Fink, decides that he will try and get her to teach him more about being a thief, in return for her life.  As Fink has the ability to level up now.  Which was a super smart idea if you ask me.  I totally let that one go.

The players make it back to brymassen the next day, where they find that they have no way of selling off any merchandise.  The town does not have a blacksmith per se, other than a guy who shoes horses, who has no interest whatsoever in armour.  As well, the only actual trader in town has left! Arnoff's trading made his way to Elerd's keep on his own.  The PC's had been given a newsetter with the clue about escorting Arnof, but decided to go off and do other things.

Here we left off.  And the plan is as follows:
It's rotating DM time! 
As fink walks off to learn more about thieving with Hamona, the sunsets, and the moon rises.  In a few weeks, I will start a new session and extro fink, then switch places with the player that plays fink.  Who in turn will introduce my new Cleric/Thief.

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