Monday, August 29, 2016

#rpgaday206 Days 23-29

Once again, to not have a blog a day, I'm doing these in batches.  Side note, I also have to do a old school session report, which I should get done later today.

23.  Share one of your best "Worst luck" stories? 

I killed off a wizard who decided in his infinite wisdom to break with marching order and run into a room filled with treasure only to fall down a hole and die (after failing a few saving throws).  The bugger of it is, the player was very attached to the character.  He did however roll up a new funnier character.

24.  what is the game you are most likely to give to others? 

I've passed out a few copies of Basic Fantasy, In a heartbeat I would print off, or order a copy for any friend wanting to get into RPG's.  I also grabbed a copy of BlueHolme for my nephews and they enjoyed it immensely.  

25.  What makes for a good character?

I've written about this before, I honestly like PC's with crappy stats, and low numbers.  Bad modifiers etc.  They are far more interesting to play than a beefcake.  It honestly makes you think a bit more.  And yes I'm the guy that takes the bullet, I'm the guy with the low wisdom that runs into battle with his sword drawn "Hey guys! watch this", and then dies in a blaze of dragon fire.  I just prefer it. 

26.  What hobbies go well with RPG's 

Drawing maps!  Creative writing, reading books (regardless of whether they are fantasy novels or not).  

27.  Most unusual circumstances or location in which you gamed? 

Every time we play its at a table at someone's house.  There was some talk about trying to do it camping around a picnic table, but that didn't pan out.  Of course that would have been silly! 

28.  Thing you would be most surprised a friend had not seen or read? 

I've emailed this to anyone playing in my old school games, its the easiest way to explain the style, and what to expect. 

A quick primer for old school gaming by Matt Finch. 

29.  You can game anywhere on earth, where would you game? 

Any Bavarian castle.

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