Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Steam City & The Venetians

I've been slowly working on "Somewhere In Deep Blue Space" for the B/X Campaign challenge.  Here's a bit more information on the world as it were..... the Blue Planet.

Steam City:  Steam City is the capital city of the Venetians, it is built in a deep crevasse.  A long winding path makes its way down into the city proper.  Most of the buildings have been built from stone, excavated from around the crevasse.  The entire city runs on a huge steam plant built beneath the city.  Huge pipes pump out steam, which surrounds the city creating a foggy mist from afar.  The city is filled with strange traders, stores, drinking establishments and the like. 

The Venetians:  As well as being the original inhabitants of the blue planet, they are also the preeminent race.  For the most part the Venetians are law abiding farmers, merchants and peasants.  Of course there are always a few bad eggs in the bunch!  Their stronghold lies within Steam City, however thousands of small villages and towns dot the landscape of the blue planet.  The Venetians are a fairly technically advanced race, having harnessed the power of steam.  They have created a system of currency using steel & brass that they have mined on the Blue planet. 

Currency:  Being the most populace race on the blue planet, the Venetians created a currency made of steel (SP), which is a small square coin.  There are also brass triangular coins (BP).  10 Brass pieces (BP) equal 1 Steel piece (SP).  

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