Sunday, August 14, 2016

#rpgaday2016 days 9 thru 14

Here we go again, I'm sitting in front of my trusty slow as heck laptop.  Rather than doing a whole post on everyday, or a daily version, I think I'll just try and do a week ofr a few days at once.

9.  Beyond the game what is involved in an ideal session? 

Honestly, I need to laugh!  I need to have the players come up with some crazy scheme, and hope it works, or falls so flat its even more funny.  In a recent session when I was playing a cleric with super low intelligence and wisdom I decided to do the following: I yelled "YIPPIE KY YAH MOTHERFUCKERS!", lit a flask of oil and stuck it in my tunic and then made a beeline for the bad guys swinging my war hammer.  Stuff like that!  As well, mountain dew, beer and cheezies.

10.  Largest in game surprise you have experienced?

I have plans to surprise my players, as of yet I haven't really been to surprised with things that have happened while I've been a player.  Yup that chest is a mimic!  Eventually I want to use one in a game, but in a really odd location, and a odd thing.  Maybe a mug of ale, I haven't quite figured it out yet.  I did just latetly have an NPC hire the PC's to go and clear out a tomb, and in the end she turned out to be a thief, she just wanted the players to do her dirty work.

11.  Which gamer most affected the way you play? 
I don't think there is any one specific gamer, more so I think that the way I play was affected by all of the articles & posts that I have read.

12.  What game is your group most likely to play next and why? 
Whenever I finish up my old school fantasy campaign, I think I will run mutant future, heavy on the "fallout" feel.  A few of my players seems to quite like post apocalyptica.  Specifically one of my players's characters was named "biohazz", and he was an elf.....  So I'm pretty sure that a game set in the not so distant nuclear future will be right up their alley.

13.  What makes a sucessful campaign? 
Honestly, Intrigue.  Keeping the characters interested, writing bits and pieces that may tie the players to each other and the game world.  Being smart enough to change the script when one of the PC's dies, and still keeping them immersed in the world.  And of course the real chance of death. 

14.  Your dream team of people you used to play with?
I haven't had a ton of RPG groups over the years, so I don't really have a dream team per se.  I did however have one hillarious session with about 10 of my friends from middle school.  I ran the original advanced fighting fantasy rules, and the port blacksand adventure for a birthday party once, and that was awesome.

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