Monday, August 8, 2016

#rpgaday2016 the first eight days

I had originally posted day 1, and had thought to do this as a daily blog post, but alas I'm on vacation and for the most part away from wifi, etc.  The plan going forward is to do a series of maybe 2 or 3 posts covering the whole month.  I may totally forget and do the last blast on the 31st we will see.  But at this point, here's day 1 thru 8.

Day 1 - Real dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to roll? 

Real dice!  I just got a pound of Wiz Dice from my wife, and I've been desperately trying to figure out which ones are the good ones.  Ever session I try a new set in hopes they will start rolling 20's.  One thing I find quite funny is the act of "training dice".  Apparently the gist is you put all your dice with the highest number up and let them sit on the table till you need to roll them.  If it rolls low, you put the dice away in the bag of sham.  I can't quite see this working well with a dice app.

Funny story though, did you know that Siri will roll 20 if you ask her? You tried it, didn't you?

Speaking to "diceless" I'm finding that that more I DM the more I get players to roll dice and not myself.  Other than the occasional roll behind the screen to scare them.  When a moment comes up that I need a roll, I try to figure out how best to leave the fate in the hands of the characters and their dice.

I have used the WOTC roller while working on adventures because of the lack of dice in my office desk (note I should throw some dice in my desk).

Day 2 - Best game session since august 2015.
This one - 
and this one -

Day 3 - Character moment your the most proud of. 
From this past year, I haven't played a lot of characters other than my cleric in the curse of strahd game.  While not entirely proud of this moment, I rememeber it distinctly.  We had just escaped teh mist and we were on our way to a gyspy camp.  My cleric saw a lake of water that was quite brackish.  Hoping for a bit of meta healing knowlege he leapt in, and just came out smelling awful. 

Day 4 - Most impressive thing another characters did. 
Not so much another character, but one of my players.  I had him roll on my background sheet, and he came up with "shunned by the gods".  Which lead to him writing a journal about it.  Crazy!

Day 5 - What story does your group tell about your character?  
I don't really have too many stories about the characters I've played, however I have a few stories about NPCs that I created.  In one such case, the players in my old school campaign rescued a goblin that was trapped in a sack.  His name was "dirk", which was a major reference to Dobby, in turn the players treated him as such.  Another rather entertaining moment was a oracle hobgoblin who lived in a dungeon beneath brymassen.  See except from blog post.

The players meet up with a wizened old hobgoblin who tells them after a bit of convincing that there are kobolds in the dungeon.  Funny thing was the hobgoblin wanted some money for the information, however one of the players wanted to do a "swagger check".  "I walk  up like Matthew Mcconaughey".  He rolled a 20.  The hobgoblin paid them for the information! hahahaha. Good enough.

Day 6 - Most amazing thing a group did for their community? 
There was a guy on Google plus collecting D&D dice for a school project, I thought that was quite cool.  I believe lots of people sent him old sets of dice, and a few adventures as well.  I'm looking high and low to find a post regarding it, but my search fu is off today.

Day 7 - What aspect of RPG's has had the biggest effect on you?
I posted about this the other day actually, I don't like winning, and that's why I like RPG's.  Because they are not about winning they are about a cooperative experience.  The thing I like about writing RPG's, well adventures  is the creative outlet it gives me.  The fact that my brain is always swimming with ideas, etc.

Day 8 - hardcover, softcover, pdf, what is your preference? 
I prefer actual books honestly, they are easy to carry around.  However I do like having searchable PDF's, specifically on a laptop, and mostly for rules stuff.  That said I'm not a fan of the 3 column BECMI adventures, and TOEE format either.  Digest size pdfs work quite well on tablets, which is what most people are carrying around now.  If I had to say a preference though, it would be 8.5 x 11 and 2 column book, doesn't matter if its hard or softcover.  Although there is the enjoyable thump when you put a hard cover book down on the table. 

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