Wednesday, October 26, 2016

d20 starting weapons

I know that DCC has a starting weapons list, however I decided to create my own.  All of these improvised weapons do 1d4 damage.  Go with most of these being slighly rusted and in bad shape.  All of these weapons will be good for one adventure, after that the characters are going to have to find something decent to use.

1.  Large metal pot
2.  Butter knife
3.  Shears
4.  15 Cowpies & a sling
5.  Hand Axe with dents
6.  Home made Nunchaku with string
7.  Thick bent tree branch
8.  2 large baseball sized rocks
9.  Pouch of wooden marbles
10.  Sack filled with sand & rocks, you can swing.
11.  Home made bola
12.  Whip made from terrible rope
13.  Fishing rod with large hook
14.  6 wine bottles
15.  5 large bent nails
16.  Hand shovel
17.  Hammer
18.  Rake
19.  Animal leg bones
20.  Roll twice get 2 items, if you get this again you start off with your fists.

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