Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ladies & Gentleman - Ms Gennifer Bone

So yesterday afternoon I noticed that Gennifer was looking to get interviewed.  The first thing I thought was "I need to get on this! I better send a few questions along right away!"  I've been diggin her art for a long time, and in all honestly I learned a few things through the course of reading this.
These are always the questions that I ponder to myself when I talk to fellow creators within our little community.  It's been a fun little ride to put this together, so without further adieu, 
Ms Gennifer Bone, 

1. How did you get your start roleplaying? What system did you use?

I started at the age of 12, with Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition. I got a hold of the Monster Manual, and was playing within a month.  We played in the Dragonlance Setting. (I had already read the books) I played a Kender, and killed a snow golem with burning pitch.

Editors note: Same as me! I started around that age playing 2e. 

2.  Funniest Session? 

The funniest session was a 3.5 game. We were in a pirate campaign, and I was B'essa Dorra, one of my favorite characters of all time. I was stuck on the ship while others were fighting on a wreck about a hundred meters away. Thinking quickly, I had a wizard friend freeze a section of ocean to ice, and, clambering on top, I surfed my way into battle!

3. How and when did you discover OSR?

I found out about OSR when I joined up with G+, about 5 years ago.

4. Tell me about your art, when did you start? What your influences?

I've always made artwork. There hasn't been a time in my life when I wasn't making something. My influences are generally other artists, like H.R. Geiger, Wayne Reynolds, Masamune Shirow, and many more. I do a lot with real-world reference as well- I have many folders of terrifying reference pics.

EDITORS NOTE:  I need to see the terrifying reference pics. 
5. what role playing game are you currently playing?

On the computer- Fallout New Vegas. IRL- Pathfinder 

6. if you could campaign in any world which would it be?

Eberron. For me, it's a perfect blend of steampunk and high fantasy. Plus, CTHULU!

7. What is your favourite artist?

Last I checked, it was a human. The exact one changes quite a lot, though I really love Terryl Witlatch's work.

8. What rpg products have you provided art for?

Let's see... Lusus Naturae, Swords and Wizardry (3rd Printing), Chill, Westward, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and a lot more. Almost more then I can believe, really.

Note:  If you don't know, +Gennifer Bone provided artwork for the monsters in the 3rd printing of Swords & Wizardry.  To which +Stacy Dellorfano has been designing it, along with a host of talented artists.  The good news is, as of this morning the kickstarter is funded! (well basically its exceeded its goal and there's still like 38 days to go!) 

I am hoping that those are the correct links for Chill, Westward. 

9. When you get a chance to play a character what type of PC do you play?

I love playing Bards and Paladins. Charisma and magic are awesome to have.

10. What are you most excited about in the RPG scene currently? and art scene?

Well, just about anything from Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Scrap Princess, and Zak Smith.

11.  What draws you to particular artist's work?

When it comes to what attracts me to an artist, a lot of it is when I see what I want in my own work- life, weight, a sense of place. The expressions of body and face are very important to me. I love to see other artists that use ink line effectively. So yeah, it's emotional power and technical skill all the way.

12. Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes?

Batman. (Doctor Who)

Editors Note:   Fair enough! Twas a silly question.  Also my pick would be Batman as well. 

13. What are you plans for the next year? What should we look out for?

Well, there's going to be a website, and I'm hoping to publish a book of monsters...

14. Anything else we should know about?

I know where you are, and I saw what you did.

16. If someone is interested in hiring you, how do they get a hold of you? 

Send me a message on my email: genniferbone AT hotmail DOT com, or contact me on FaceBook or G+ (both Gennifer Bone)

17.  Favourite Session Bevy? The green dew?
I don't drink soda, so my gaming beverage is either juice or a good dark beer. 
Note:  If you liked this interview, I did a pile more!  You can read them here (its free) 

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