Monday, October 3, 2016

I've been told that

I've been told that in order to become a good writer, you need to do it everyday.  This goes for pretty much anything creative.  I have a good friend who is a songwriter and he basically writes one song a day regardless of whether it sucks or not.  Regardless, he flexes his songwriting muscles everyday.

Here's a table for adventure ideas.  Some of them are the usual tropes.  Roll on the 2nd table for a twist.

Adventure ideas (d10) 

1.  Find a lost relic
2.  Hunt down a great evil
3.  Rescue a reclusive hermit
4.  Prove an prisoner is innocent
5.  Protect a small village
6.  Make a trip into the wilderness in search of a lost individual or party
7.  Find ingredients to create a Resurrection potion.
8.  Protect the caravan
9.  Find out why bodies are going missing from the grave yard.
10.  Go on a pilgrimage for a forgotten god.

Twists (d6)
1.  Race against time
2.  A third party is involved
3.  It's an illusion/someone might be lying
4.  The bad guys are actually good guys.
5.  Time rewinds/fast forwards
6.  There is no reward

Side note, I know that Inktober is going on, and its a super cool idea! However I'm not the best at drawing.  That said, I was going thru and managing some of my pages today (adding extra links to things), and I thought instead of having those silly memes on the pages.  Maybe I should try my hand at drawing something.  Make the blog a bit more personal.  The first thought was the random table page, I was thinking of drawing a side view of a wizard with a long outstretched hand above the links of the different random tables

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