Monday, September 11, 2017

A review of the character classes in Dark Places & Demogorgons

Dark Places & Demogorgons has a huge variety of classes, you can play as the following: The Kid Scientist, The Nerd, The Geek, The Jock, Extreme Athlete, The Karate Kid, Break Dancer, Goth, Metal Head, Preppy, The Princess, Teen Heart Throb, Bully, The Hood, and last but not least the Punk Rocker.

Since I was basically a nerd punk rocker, I decided to review those 2.  As well, I took Judo when I was kid (i was terrible at it) however I loved Ralph Macchio, so I will also review the Karate Kid.

The Nerd 
You've always been picked on for being different and for being smarter than everyone else... Well I was always picked on anyways.

You must have a Intelligence of 13, you automatically get the following skills:  Knowledge, General & Science, a -1 to Strength, CON, & CHA, and a +1 to INT And Wis.  I like it already!

Advancement is kinda nifty in DP&D, All of the classes go to level 5 and as you go your skills increase and some attributes.  In the case of the Nerd, they get a +1 to all knowledge rolls at level 2, a +1 to Intelligence at level 3.  (That's as far as I go for now, you'll have to buy the book!).  The game itself has waves of Fifth Edition as far as the classes go & leveling up, but it easy.

Starting gear is funny: Home Computer, home library, library card, a flashlight, 4d6 dollars and a revenge of the nerds poster.

I'd like to add some silly black glasses, a plaid shirt button up to your neck, possibly suspenders, defiantly a Kleenex or two in your pocket (allergies!)

Obviously there are a pile of great pop culture references for nerds, most of the crew from Big Bang Theory, Thelma, Urkel, George McFly.

The Punk Rocker 
No prerequisites needed for this one! Except maybe a disrespect for authority, and a bad attitude. Starting off you get art & music, driving and intimidation skills.  - 2 to all skill checks against authority figures (LMFAO awesome)

As you level your armour class increases, fear and intimidation checks, and so on

Starting equipment: punk clothes, leather jacket with patches, pocket knife, punk rock handbook

I'll add a knock off stratocaster guitar, a package of band aids, a skateboard missing a wheel

Obviously you can pull influences from Punk Music, Punky Brewster, a few of the lost boys. Marty McFly.

The Karate Kid

Prerequistes: dex 9, and Con 8.
You start off with basic athletics, martial arts.  You get a +1 dex and a -1 charisma (due to people thinking your a bit weird).

As you level you get bonuses to your AC, and physical attacks, extra melee

Starting equipment: a Gi, pair of nunchuks, throwing starts, last dragon VHS,

Obviously The Karate Kid you can draw an influence from, as well bruce lee, chuck norris,

I love all the humour written into the character classes!  There are a lot of great throw back quotes that get you in the right frame of mind to roll up your character!

The Kickstarter launches tomorrow! 
Check out the video (I wish i could embed it)

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