Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Stoner - Alternative Class for Dark Places & Demogorgons

The Stoner (Sub class of Rebel) 

You spend a inordinate amount of time out of class, smoking grass behind the janitor's shed.  Paranoia & Conspiracy theories are always on your mind. You are pretty mellow and lack any real worry about life.

Prerequisites:  Intelligence 

Level 1 - Beginning Skills Knowledge General, Select one of the following:  Language, Mechanics, Paranormal, Science.  You get that skill and and get a +1 on all rolls for that skill.  -2 to all skill rolls towards police. 

Gain Ranged Weapons Skill (or a +1 if you have it)
+1 to attack rolls, or +1 to any INT based Skill
+2 to all Saving Throws
Gains dream bong!

Starting Equipment:  A lighter, rolling papers, a backpack, hard cheese, 1d6 dollars, metal pipe and screens, half a gram of mary jane. 

Man: You wanna get high, man?
Pedro: Does Howdy Doody got wooden Balls, man? - Cheech & Chong 

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