Saturday, September 9, 2017

A whole WACK of new old school stuff! - Sept 9

Hurricane Harvey Bundle: There is a bunch of great stuff in this bundle

from Goodman Games, including Sailors Of The Starless Sea! (For DCC)

$12.14 CAD 

Beast Hack + Bundle :Includes the following:  The Beast Hack, Beast Hack 2 Monster Madness, 
Beast Hack 3, The Item Hack, The NPC Hack. $4.86 CAD.  

The Forbidden Caverns OF Archaia Kickstarter Package:  This special collection is intended for 
distribution to kickstarter backers $89.11 CAD and the GM Screen Inserts.

Wormskin Issue 7:  Old School Mag $6.07 CAD

Riddles Of The Sphinx:  OSRIC Adventure $4.25 CAD

Underbelly Of The Phoenix: Adventure setting for Filbar $3.65 CAD

Aerie Of The Cloud Giant Strategos: Adventure for OSRIC $9.73 CAD

The Black Knights Revenge:  OSRIC Adventure $4.25 CAD

Valley Of The Damned:  OSRIC Adventure $4.25 CAD

The Wicked Woeful Web:  Swords & Wizardry Adventure $1.25 CAD

The Black Knight Rides:  OSRIC Adventure $4.25 CAD

An Invitation To Dinner:  OSRIC Adventure $4.25 CAD

Dead Men Tell No Tales: OSRIC Adventure $4.25 CAD

Castle In The Clouds:  OSRIC Adventure $4.25 CAD

The Blood Pharaoh: Swords & Wizardry Adventure $1.25 CAD

DCC Quick Start Rules:  Speaks for itself $2.52 CAD

B/X Essentials Core Rules:  A revamped version of B/X $6.07 CAD

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