Wednesday, September 6, 2017

the old door in the basement

The light spills from the edges of the door
Mist creeps thru the cracks
It's been years since it's been opened, 
Let alone had any light coming from it
The small room is unattended save for the rats
The kegs remain dry 
Only whispers exist of the mysteries behind the door 
in the basement 
Where no one ever ventures forth 
The brave hero's sit at the bar
An old man mentions the door 
The barkeep ponders the wonderful ale that used to come from the depths 
There might be treasure down there, 
There maybe death 
There are surely traps 
The hero's go off to sleep, and dream of gold 
When the morning light shines, they decide to venture forth, into the depths, behind the old door in the basement. 

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