Monday, September 18, 2017

d20 dank places

1. Crawling across the floor are six humans missing their lower torso.

2.  Strewn haphazardly about are various rusted torture implements, a large dark stain occupies most of the floor.

3. Ooze drips from a chair nailed to the ceiling.

4. A terrifying mural covers most of the wall, it is drawn in feces and blood.

5. A full deck of cards is staked indivually to the floor by 52 daggers.

6.  All of the archways in the room have a greyish phantasmal coating in the empty space. It ripples when a breeze touches it.

7.  A small old crone sits near a pool of black water, she holds a wooden stake in her hand, her eyes have a faint purplish glow.

8.  Green crystals hang from the ceiling, at various lengths. On the floor are the remains of a fire, a few pieces of unburned parchment lie near.

9.  Thousands of runes are drawn all over the room, the walls, floor and ceiling. A light wisp of smoke is slowly appearing from a crack in the floor.

10.  The room is devoid of anything, small luminscent orbs float around.

11.  The rotting carcass of a large animal fills most of the room, clawing and scratching can be heard coming from underneath it.

12.  Chained to a wall is a haggard human, he looks malnourished. Tattoo all over his arms are what appear to be the writings of a madman. He smiles, and looks down at his feet.

13.  Murky green webs fill the doorway, a low moan comes from within the room.

14.  Water pours thru the ceiling, a small chalice sits directly below. It remains empty.

15.  A pile of skeletal remains are arranged in the shape of a pyramid.

16.  The room is filled with dust, it's hard to breathe. There are cobwebs everywhere. On the floor is a set of footprints that appear, and then they get covered in dust right away.

17.  A grotesque chess set lies in front of you, small deformed children are the pieces, they are all made of stone.

18.  Bubbles of blackness pitch forward from a pit. A upside down religious symbol made of wood hangs from a alcove above the pit.

19.  Inside the dark room is a jar filled with toes, an old torch that is still warm to the touch, and a broken lyre.

20. In the floor is a large steel metal door, across the room a set of keys in the socket of a large skull.

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