Friday, December 27, 2013


After I noticed that there was a plan to re-release hero's quest, I dug out my box.  Of course Like most people my mini's were used for D&D eventually, but erything still remains.  I had the forethought to ziplock bag all of the parts :) woot.  I'm re-reading the rules this morning, may give this a go in the next few weeks.   I also have dragonstrike & dragons quest games, that had nice boards that could also be used for herosquest, which could be neat! 

I can`t believe the amount of time we spent playing that game.  (herosquest) I think our natural progression was the following. 

Fighting Fantasy Books
Advanced Fighting Fantasy
And then finally AD&D 

Of course we played a bit of Dragonstrike (which as everyone knows was horrid!) but had some great mini`s.  And Dragonsquest, which was basic d&d in a box with some nice metal mini`s which I still have! thankfully.  Although I painted some of these horribly. 

I think I may just pull out Herosquest and have a go, could be lots of fun! 

This came about because of a post by +Erik Tenkar

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