Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PC descriptions

It maybe going a bit far to write out descriptions/backgrounds for the characters, especially if they meet  an untimely death, but here goes...

Fithimbrathil Ravenswood 
(Half Elf Warrior/Thief)

Fithimbrathil the daugher of a elven warrior and a local farmer grew up in a small logging town in Sembia.  Just before her 20th birthday the community was beset on by a Verbeeg Giant clan, that left the town in smoldering ruins.  Her younger sister Athalia has been missing ever since.  With nothing left to tie her to the town, she went off to seek adventure and gold to build her own farm somewhere "Fim"as everyone calls her is cocky & sarcastic.  She is handy with a sword & a bow.  She learned her thieving skills in Waterdeep where she spent sometime in the past. 

Fifnar Harnoff 
(Dwarf Warrior)

Hard nosed, stubborn and witty, is how to describe this typical Dwarf.  Fifnar grew up in the mines of Adabar, where he toiled working as a blacksmith & miner.  Unlike most Dwarf's Fifnar wanted to feel the sun on his cheek & not the cold damp of the mines.  As the years passed the need for adventure outgrew his need to stay and work.  Finally after much convincing and a few minor "accidents" Fifnar was allowed to leave and seek his fortune elsewhere.  Gold & Mead are what make this Dwarf most happy, that and chopping Orcs to bits.  Eventually he would like to own his own Tavern, and call it the "Stinkin Maiden".  

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