Monday, December 2, 2013

Part of me wants to cop out

Been discussing my upcoming campaign ides on here, there's 2 things that keep rolling around my head, both of which are spurred on by actual events and suggestions and my current reading material.

Anyone who has been following this blog  knows that I'm a fairly creative person, with a sprinkling of ADD it makes it difficult to make up my mind.  That and the fact that having "time" to create can be difficult.

First things first Campaign possibility 1 

Due to my having finished the Icewind dale triology and now revisiting the Drizzt books, the Forgotten Realms campaign and this morning the menzoberranzan campaign setting, I've been considering the idea of just running in the realms, for the simple sake is that its all there.  Part of the problem is its all there lol.  But for example coming up with the name of the god of agriculture off the cuff can be difficult, the ease of grabbing the book and going "okay you follow this deity".   My thoughts for the campaign are simple.

Run Shadowdale & the accompanying adventure (twisted tower) then sprinkle in the Sword of the dales triology (i have the first one considering picking up the other 2).  Next step would possibly be Menzoberranzan (there are dark elfs in the twister tower so I can tie it easily).  That or Myth Drannor.  The other idea that came to mind was the temple of elemental evil, as I grabbed that when it was free, and it could easily be fit into one of the other dales.

As far as the system goes, considering it was built for AD&D2e and I loaned the books out to one of my players, it would probably be easy to just go with it.  That and the fact that this what I cut my teeth on.

First things first Campaign possibility 2

this is the DIY campaign, and it all comes from a conversation with a player of mine.  He said that he'd been doing some research about D&D and the consensus is that "if the DM writes the adventure from scratch it tends to be more fun, more open ended etc".  Ie not following a script. 

Due to my "finding" for a lack of a better word, the OSR community I've been more creative in the last few months that years.  This has me filled with a whack of ideas, maps of places, starts of adventures etc.  The trick of course would be consolidating all these things and having the time.  Maybe stealing the great things from the modules above. 

If I had to run from the start I'd probably end up using Basicfantasy, Despite how much I want to run Advanced fighting fantasy, I really need to do a one off with my players to know if they want to go that route.  As they already have a basic grasp of D&D I think BF just seems like a better idea.  

I'm mostly rambling and writing this for myself to figure this out.  But If you'd like to comment, go fer it :) I'd appreciate it.  

Side note - you may notice I've posted some journal entries from Izaheem-Ythk The "Apparent" Terror.  He sends them in once in awhile, when I get them I'll post them.  

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