Monday, December 23, 2013

Xmas Gift!

Well my Xmas gift went over very well! I printed out Basic Fantasy, and a few of the modules for my cousin in law, as well as some sexy dice! He even got a percentile dice, which i know have to go and grab one as well.  The one thing we realized when buying dice is even though they may look  cool with different colors, its smart to grab some that are easily readable!  I have a set of almost camo ones with red numbers that are so super hard to read! Anyways, we got him some semi black ones with red writing.  :)

After he opened it there was a chorus of (ala Homer Simpson) NERD! from his brother.  I loved that lol.

In other news since I'm currently on vacation I've started writing a lot! I had some serious writers block the last few weeks, that has some how dissipated which is great! What I'm doing is just handwriting things.  for too long I was writing stuff with other people in mind, which was kinda hemming me in.  I've started writing a new campaign for my players with some very easy goals for the start.  First things first everyone is starting off at 2nd level to avoid TPK.  The PC's are based in a very small farming town (ala the shire).  The first adventure is going to be a forest crawl, which should be fun.  I'm planning on drawing maps today of the town (i drew one, but planning on redrawing anyways) and forest.  For awhile there I was thinking too big, what I plan to do is to setup about 3 or 4 options of adventures that they can take.  And then lay them out for them.  The other thing I want to do is not write too much about what is supposed to happen in a specific encounter, which will leave me a bit more leeway as far as role playing is concerned.

Once and if they get thru the 4 adventures, I'll do some more work on the actual setting.  Hopefully it will start to take shape in my mind and their's as we play thru.


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