Monday, December 9, 2013

I need to get up off my ass!

I have started atleast 3 modules in the last 6 months.  One of which "Gloomwood" I'm quite excited about, its your forest crawl type module, very straight forward.  All I need to do on this one is to finish the main bandit tower structure and I'm done.  Should be easy, hopefully a Christmas break project or sooner, depending on what else is going on.

The other two are the following:

Goblins Greed Isle - A Island hex crawl based on Greek Mythos, the island is basically purgatory for Hades.  As I've noticed though, there's a few island type modules coming out and a Myrmidon one that just came out, so I may just leave this where it started.  SCRAPED.

Dungeon/Cavern Crawl - I started writing a very large dungeon crawl, so much so it got way out of hand, I have about 15 pages of hand written notes and a bunch of maps.  Unsure. 

The question that always comes to my mind is what separates my modules from other peoples.  The weirdness that is +Venger Satanis  pushes me to think outside the box, and I thank him for that.  Maybe that's why I haven't finished anything yet.  For fear that it won't stand up.  Damn it Shane, get your shit together.  LOL!


  1. You and me both, Shane! Helena and Innfjord are sitting half complete on my hard drive!

    I don't think you should scrap a project. Take Goblins Greed outside the box that Venger just ripped off you. It could still be an island, but what can be changed to set it apart and still be Grecian in theme and color?

  2. He didn't rip it off I don't think. I'm sure he had plans for it previously. Looking at the Myrmidon module that Dyson posted about seems more similar to what I had in mind. The premise is you wake up on Hades Island, do battle with mythical monsters like Minotaur's, Medusa and Furies.

    The opening was the following

    Trapped! On an unforgiving hostile Island, not all is what it seems. Do you have the wit & strength to overcome the challenge of the Gods? Fight your way thru a land dotted with Monsters of Myth. A Sandbox Campaign module for OSR gaming.