Friday, December 27, 2013


I find my biggest challenge when it comes to the campaign world is living, breathing cities and villages (of any genre). I believe you could be crowned king of rpg publishing if you produced city, and village sourcebooks which were devoid of tedious backstory, but littered with briefly described npc's, sketched economics, potential internal conflicts, anything which thoughtful PC's could exploit. +Jay Murphy  - posted this over at a disucssion that +Venger Satanis started on Google +

This is an extremely interesting idea! And I think would be worth some time and effort to come up with something like this.  As to whether I can find some time I dunno.  But something to think about anyways. 

The start of the thread, the following question was posed by +Venger Satanis 
I'm looking for articles, blogs, or whatever on fully realizing campaign settings.  How to crank things up to 11.  For example, it takes more than desert, lack of metal, and environmentally toxic sorcery to get Dark Sun.  What are the missing elements?  What gives that setting cohesion?  

Please post your favs below... or your own ideas on this topic.  Thanks!

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