Thursday, June 11, 2015

20 Scenic Random Marshland Encounters - d20

I am slowly preparing a campaign in which the PC's will wander the wastes of a long forgotten swamp.

1.  A old oak tree grows in the middle of the swamp, Which is basically impossible, obviously the tree is very old and predates the swamp.  It gives off a strange magical aura.  (treant perhaps, maybe the tree has some kind of healing properties, or maybe its just a tree).

2.  While knee deep in muck you see off in the distance four shadowy figures on the horizon.  As they get closer you realize they are not humans, but ghosts.  All are riding pale horses.  They breeze right through you and continue on.

3.  A large animal skeleton lies on a nearby bank, it is an animal that you have never seen before.  (dinosaur).

4.  A rotting body hangs from a rope tied to a tree.  The rope is around the neck of the body.

5.  The water in this section of the swamp is almost clear, compared to the normal grey brownish muck that you have been wadding thru.  You can see assorted fish.  And eyes!  Ghostly images appear just below the surface of the water.  (obvious reference to LOTR).

6.  A broken and busted wagon sits in a large rut, the tracks lead off towards the outskirts of the swamp.  There are large barrels loaded on the wagon.  The inscription of the side of the barrel is as follows.  "Giwndons Dragonfire Ale"

7.  A 14 foot long snake skin lies half in this section of the swamp, it appears to be recently shed.

8.  Fresh mucky footprints lead off to the south, but you can't see anyone for miles.  (Possible invisible person?)

9.  The weather has turned rainy and cold.

10.  A large bonfire glows off in the distance, lighting up the evening. (barbarian raiders perhaps? or something equally concerning.)

11.  Just below the tree line is a steep embankment, at the bottom is a large stone statue.  It is that of a large lizard humanoid.  There is fresh blood on an altar in front of it.

12.  What appears to be a huge cloud is heading straight for you!  The cloud is almost a quarter of a mile wide and is floating 8 feet off the ground.  (swarm of insects, low pressure system that brings hail).

13.  A old rickety bridge sits across a fairly deep patch of swamp.  This seems the best way to get to the other side.  At the head of the bridge on either side are large poles with beheaded Orcs attached to them.

14.  During the evening someone left a note on a tree near your camp.  It read's  "I'll be watching you and make sure that you are safe".   (A local marshland ranger)

15.  You come across the ruins of a small village, there is only 3 buildings left standing.  Well barely left standing.  Moss & lichen grow everywhere.  The area is quite dark as most of the tree's have grown up and around everything.  It is very densely packed with trees & bush.

16.  This area of the swamp is pockmarked with huge holes.  The holes measure about 8 feet in diameter, and seem to be almost endlessly deep.  (Worms!)

17.  The smell of the swamp is almost overpowering!  Just trying to breath is difficult let alone walk.  (half movement rate)

18.  A large pile of rusted armour and weapons lies in a heap.  The remnants of a long ago fire still scare the ground.

19.  A faint music starts to grow in your ears, on the other side of the moor you can see small lights glittering about 4 feet off the ground.  (pixies)

20.  A rather large boulder sits deep in the swamp, it is cracked completely in half.

Swamp picture

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