Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 5

Favorite Dice Or Die? Really.  I suppose there are people out there that are superstitious of their dice.  My wife bought me a nice set of green ones that had percentiles, I have yet to try them out, hopefully they are not a TPK type of dice! hahaha.  I'll be using them this weekend running the starter set.  I do have a set of clear dice, that almost always seem to roll high.  However I just borrowed them out to a player and I am unsure as to whether he will impart some mojo into them.   (apparently I'm superstitious as well).

If you need dice, Amazon has a "Pound O Dice" for $40, its actually not to bad of a deal.  As to whether they are good dice I have no idea.

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