Monday, June 29, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 5

I am a bit behind on this.  Ah well, its not going to be exactly 30 days.  My favorite dice!  I recently acquired a nice chessex set that are green with white writing.  I haven't really put them thru the paces yet, so I can't say they are my favorite dice.

My favorite dice at this point are clear with white writing.  They were some that I bought a long while ago, I don't believe they are chessex ones, but probably a pick your own bin kinda thing.  The thing I like about them, is that they are really random, which is perfect for DMing, as you get a variety of numbers.  Most players want a 20 that's going to always roll a 20.  Myself though I'd prefer to have the more random ones.  When you are looking up tables and rolling for an outcome, I find its better to have some slightly wonky dice.  But hey that's just me!

That being said, had a relatively funny situation crop up over the weekend.  Any time 2 of my players would roll a crit or really low, they would put those dice away in the "bad dice bag".  Do your players do this?

Another thing I found quite cool was that one of the players had a set of dice that his Dad had used DMing for him when he was a kid.

I have a set of (or almost a full set) of the original dice that came with the basic set.  Of course like an idiot I attempted to paint them when I was a kid, and it turned out horribly badly.  I am going to try and use some paint remover/thiner and see if I can't get them back into shape at some point.

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