Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Necropolis of Nuromen - Mini Review

The Necropolis of Nuromen is a pay what you want adventure/mini campaign setting for Blueholme Prentice Rules (and eventually the Compleat Rules).

Product Description 
The Necropolis of Nuromen is a modular quest designed to let the referee introduce a group of 1st level characters to the thrills of Underworld exploration as they attempt to unravel they secrets of the evil necromancer’s lair and deal with some bandits, too.
To play this adventure you also require the BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules or the BLUEHOLME™ Compleat Rules.

*May contain a few spoilers. 

The first retro clone that I found when my OSR craziness started was BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules,
I also downloaded the original version of The Necropolis of Nuromen, at the time we ran an adventure from Dragonsfoot, and then moved over to the Necropolis shortly after.  The original version had a solid story line that could easily fit into an adventure campaign, and the actual adventure was great!  I mean a Necromancer and a bunch of undead what more could you want really?   Unfortunately I had a bit of a TPK whilst running Nuromen, which was partially a little improper planning on my part, a few bad rolls by the players and the onset of a bit of booze consumption at the time.  

The new version of the Necropolis fills out the story line much more!  There's a wonderful area map, a few dungeons, and well done castle.  If I am not mistaken I remember seeing pictures of a town that Dreamscape was working on, although it hasn't appeared in this adventure?  So that might be something coming down the line.  

The rumor table is great!  Just enough for me to get the creative juices flowing.

The layout and maps are FANTASTIC!  I do however miss the original BLUEHOLME old school font that was used on the interior (however it makes an appearance on the cover!).  The detail on the maps is outstanding!  Obviously a crazy amount of time was spent making them as perfect as possible.  

The module clocks in at 22 pages including one for the cover, back cover and OGL.  Of course the artwork used within is effective and awesome!  The whole package ties together nicely with the Prentice Rules.  

Although it has taken a bit of time for the newer version of this module to come out, I think that it was the warranted.  It seems that a lot of people (Especially including myself!) write an adventure, barely proof it, playtest it briefly and put it out!  A strong lesson can be learned from Dreamscape  in that spending the time to put something together, putting it out, and then revising it after a lot of playtesting is the absolute best idea!  The next project I work on, I plan to do just that, put the adventure out as open beta and then revise from there. 

It has been a year since we originally ran this adventure and I am thinking with a whole new crop of players it might be a fun one to try again with the new update.  

Thinking out loud.... Although it is in true Holmes spirit, I am almost wondering about the idea of converting this for a 5e game, maybe a one shot? 

This module is a great introductory module to role playing, with a bunch of extra adventure seeds that you can take a run with!  Along with a copy of BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules you can easily have a bunch of nights running thru this!  WELL DONE! 

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