Friday, June 26, 2015

Hiding Monsters

Seriously those monsters aren't just always standing around, or playing cards.  Maybe they got a hot tip that some fresh meat is headed there way.

1.  Spring loaded floor - Mucho surprise! Much like the loaded floors at theatres when the performers pop out of nowhere, here's a perfect surprise.

2.  Ye old fake bookcase

3.  Behind the curtains - sure the PC's might see there feet.

4.  In the barrel - perfect place for a goblin to hang out in.

5.  Invisible!  - Sure why not, its been done, do it again.

6.  Teleport - Suprise the PC's by appearing out of thin air.

7.  The ceiling - totally obvious by how many times do you look up?

8.  Hiding inside the pit trap.  - Maybe the goblin is hanging halfway down the pit trap waiting to jump on an already wounded PC.

9.  Under the bed - There's a reason little kids are afraid.

10.   Disguise - maybe the monsters are dressed up to resemble something else, possibly a random merchant or a band of dwarven miners. 

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