Sunday, June 7, 2015

Factions in the starter set and other musings

Originally I wasn't entirely a fan of the inclusion of the factions into the basic rules.  In my mind groups like the Harpers, Zhentarim are legendary, and lowly first level PC's could only strive to one day be good enough (or evil) to become a part of these groups.  However while reading the starter set I've come to the conclusion that I really like the inclusion of the alliances.  I plan to have some cue cards written up to give the players.  Take them aside when the time is right, and hand them the appropriate one.  In addition I think I will add a appropriate contact within the organization other than the NPC that is handing it to them. Hopefully this can lead to other adventures or possibly trainers when the time is right. 

The starter set seems to give away experience like crazy! That being said, I am starting to see how this version of the game works.  It makes a bit of sense to me.  What my plan is going forward, is that there will be a house rule that states for every 5 levels of expedience you must go and spend a week training with an appropriate trainer, (which I am going to take right out of the 1e DMG something like 1500 GP for the week).  So to become level 6 you must do this.  Next time it will be level 11, etc

Another brief musing, I've decided to leave Venomfang in.  I know some people have left him out, but it could prove interesting. 

The one thing I noticed is that there is a lot of reference to Neverwinter, however despite my crazy amount of google fu, I have yet to find a city map for it.  Thankfully Dyson draws some sexy city maps! Another thought I had was to borrow a city map from the Forgotten Realms setting, there are a ton in there, Immersea could easily be Neverwinter.  

For the sake of argument I think I will run the FR setting for this.   I am still going to continue working on my little campaign setting I briefly discussed here.  As I have a few things rolling around my head for that. 

OH BTW, I finally was able to finish creating a PC for 5e, in fact I managed to create two.  I quite like all the background information that you can add from the basic rules.

After we run thru this version of D&D, I really want to run B/X just for a change, or Mutant Future which I've been wanting to run since I read it.  

So that was a total ADD post.... I blame coffee and the fact that I got up at 6 am.

Grabbing some dice and making my wife roll up a character shortly.  I even got her a mini.  She wants to play a hobbit that is always hungry! Should be entertaining.

After the starter set adventure, there's a older module I am planning on converting, which will lead into a series of adventures from dragon magazine, and then hopefully Temple Of Elemental Evil.

TLDR - Too much 5e crap, read below about cool OSR stuff
OSR! -   The long-awaited Necropolis of Nuromen is finally here! A much-expanded and cleaned-up version of the original Maze of Nuromen, this adventure features additional background, new maps, and an entire follow-on mini-adventure starring the notorious oultaw Lothar the Lawless.
As always, contact Dreamscape Design directly via the website if you have any problems with the PDF, or if you spot any errata.  Downloading this shortly, brief review to come as well. 

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