Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Creepy Assed Moreau Monster Generator

Just finished reading "The Island Of Dr Moreau".  Sparked a bit of an idea for a monster generator.  This is slightly inspired by Ready Reference: Mix & Match Humanoids from the Semper Initiativus Unum blog.

Crossbreed Monster Type (roll 1d10)

1.  Hyena
2.  Dog
3.  Cow
4.  Bull
5.  Ape
6.  Wolf
7.  Rhino
8.  Monkey
9.  Cougar
10.  Roll Twice On Table

Armour Class (roll 1d6)

1.  AC 9
2.  AC 8
3.  AC 7
4.  AC 6
5.  AC 5
6.  AC 4

Disposition (roll 1d8) 

1.  Attacks immediately
2.  Curious/Inquisitive
3.  Disgruntled
4.  Unsure
5.  Stands ground
6.  Flees in terror
7.  Helpful
8.  Submissive

Intelligence (roll 1d4) 

1.  High (repeats the "law")
2.  Average
3.  Low Intelligence (slowly reverting to animal state)
4. Animal (normal animistic behavior)

Alignment (1d3) 

1.  Good
2.  Neutral
3.  Evil

Attacks (1d4)

1.  1d6 damage
2.  1d4 damage
3.  1d8 damage
4.  1d10 damage


  1. I'm not quite sure the roll twice on table 1 feels really "moreauish"... but that's easy to fix, if one wants a purebreeds only island. Maybe I would make all with animal intelligence neutral in alignment - or maybe not, after all this could be the last remnants of the humanity infused. Cool and easy tables.

    1. there was one point in the book where there was a cross breed between two animals, however yes you are right if its a only purebred environment leave it out. I think it depends on the situation for the intelligence right, much like humans there are varying degrees of that. As far as the alignment is concerned i agree, but it can also be random as well. Especially if you were running a sandbox type thing where you want the unexpected to happen. The table would give you clues. For example the PC's might run into a bunch of pissed off beast men at one point, and then the next time you roll you get the same beast men, but these ones are more subtle toned down, not so quick to fight.