Thursday, July 9, 2015

Revised D&D Challenge - Day 10

Craziest in game experience.  Well this is a good one.  And I briefly wrote about it before,

One funny bit was that the PC's split that party. 


Two PC's stayed at the nice Inn, in town having a few drinks

The other two went to investigate the Rebrands at the Sleeping Giant tavern.  As one of the players was a thief, and had previously been a fence in neverwinter.  He figured he might be able to gather some information on the bridgands.  Well the encounter happened and they pissed em off.  A fight ensued and both PC's started to high tail it back to where the other PC's were.  One got hit with a flying sword and fell unconscious making saving throws, prior to that however he managed to break thru not one but two windows of local farm houses.  (thank you DMG chase rules).

That may not have been the craziest experience ever, but it came to mind when I read the challenge for today.  I feel like writing today, I am going to go and attempt to get my new scanner to work and hopefully upload a map shortly.  

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