Monday, July 27, 2015

Weapon name generator

During our recent gaming session, one of the players picked up a mace (that turned out to be slightly magical).  I noted that something was written on the hilt in elvish.  One of the players quickly realized that he did in fact speak Elvish.  Cue GM panic.  Oh hey! I have a scattergories dice.  (a friend of mine gave it to me, thanks Phil!).   Rolled it twice came up with a P and H I believe.  Portent Haste.  good enough!

I realized however that I need a random table to check out once in awhile.   Something better than "Dragonslayer", "Widowmaker" etc.

Roll a 20. 

1.  Besotted Brilliance
2.  Blackened Rhino
3.  Rib Torn
4.  Honest Fate
5.  The Branding
6.  Targ
7.  Nailbite
8.  Starstruck
9.  Sunglow
10.  Windless Star
11.  Considerate Maiden
12.  Admirable Garroter
13.  Impish Inquistor
14.  Dapper Diviner
15.  Vacant Peril
16.  The Odd Jouster
17. Loathsome Protector
18.  Elaborate Vanquisher
19.  Whirlwind Exploit
20.   Grey Water


  1. All these tables, and all I wanted was a chair!

  2. Tables are a DM's best friend! Chairs on the other hand are over rated :P