Friday, July 31, 2015

Fernado The Unabashed

My buddy +Adam Lerner let me borrow his new phb last night, on the way to work this morning I started thinking about what kind of character I am going to play.  Eventually he is going to start DMing so I'll get to be a player.  WOOT!  Funny thing is I've never played as a player with our group as I'm always the DM so I'm intensely excited about this idea.  Whenever we finish up the starter set adventure hopefully at that time Adam will be ready to try his hand at DMing.  Provided no one else is a bard, Fernado will be born.  (yes I printed of a character sheet already, no I haven't rolled him up just yet).  The plan is that Fernado is going to be the total womanizer, overly extravagant bard.  He will of course play bagpipes "Let me play you the song of my people!".  Regardless of whether anyone wants to hear it.  I haven't decided on flaws etc yet, however one of his grand plans is to have his catalog of songs converted to a actual book that he can flog and see.  Of course he will have to find some gnomes that have a printing press!

Fernado's Greatest Hits! 

Yes it'll be a 24 hit package, totally K tel!  Love it. 

My wife had suggested that she may want to try a bard, so if she decides that then I'm going to create a over the top 3 Musketeers type fighter.

As far as combat is concerned Fernado is totally going to be about the two weapons.  A dagger in one hand that he's quite proficient at, especially when throwing, and a nice cutlass in the other hand.

I have a cutlass problem just as Drizzt has a scimitar problem.