Saturday, July 11, 2015

Revised D&D Challenge Day 12

Favorite Dungeon Type Location.  This is a interesting one.  I'd love to do a underwater adventure, that'd be cool!  Of course some Metamorphosis Alpha on a starship would be neat as well.  For that matter running Expedition To The Barrier Peaks.

One of my favorite dungeons is from "In Search Of The Unknown" as you can fill a lot of the details out yourself.  Its a typical dungeon, but there's room to play around in it.  Atleast there are caves and regular straight dungeony tip sections to it.

The Keep On The Borderlands (caves of chaos) alternatively I never really liked as far as a dungeon was concerned.   The next time I run it however I think I will split the caves of chaos up and put them in different locations, rather than a bunch of monsters under a big hill.

Another dungeon I'd love to try and pull off is the Labyrinth that Dyson Logos did for his Frog God challenge module


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