Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Revised D&D Challenge - Day 9

Favorite PC you'd like to play.  I've never played a Bard, and I would really like to.  Sort of a cross between D'artagnan and a regular Bard type character.  Of course with my Scottish roots, I think this guy would have to play the bagpipes as well, just to annoy the crowd.  It would also be interesting to play a bard with a helluva a lot Charisma stat.  Just enough to be able to play the class, but not enough to be really good at it.  "And for my next performance I'll need a hamster, and a volunteer".   No?.....

I really like playing flawed characters, it just makes the whole thing more interesting.  Low wisdom characters are the best, they don't last long due to their non-knowledge of the world, but that hilarious to play.  I've discussed this before, but the whole "Hey guys hold my tankard and WATCH THIS!' comes to mind.

Speaking of bagpipes, have you ever heard of the "Red Hot Chili Pipers"?  No well here yah go!

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