Friday, July 10, 2015

Revised D&D Challenge Day 11

Favorite Adventure That You Ran.  I really enjoyed running the "Chaotic Caves" By JD Neal, for Basic Fantasy role playing system.  Its a mashup of "Keep On The Borderlands" and a few other modules.  (sans the keep).  I did however mash it up with the Morgansfort bf module (which has a keep!).  It was a lot of fun, I really dug the area map and all the semi random encounters.  The nice thing about the "Chaotic Caves" is that its written fairly open ended.  With a little preparation time you can come up with a lot of cool ideas and adventure paths for the hero's.

Product Description. 
This is a very standard adventure setting, consisting of a group of monster-infested caves and an abandoned manor-fort, for beginning player characters.

Download it here. 

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