Monday, July 11, 2016

Campaign Lesson - Read the PC's notes

Yesterday I spent some time going thru all the PC's notes.  I've been a bit behind writing down adventure notes from sessions in my binder.  I've been posting them obviously (which is quite invaluable to go back to).  Part of me thinks, type all this stuff down because its far easier to look up than handwriting it.  But of course that means I need to bring a laptop with me to sessions.

Anyways, I've been making a list of all the NPC's the PC's have met thus far, as well as all the little side nugget's that I've told them.  Things are starting to take shape.  The PC's are currently in the tomb of Gardag, and I'm thinking they will have that completed before long.

I know need to sketch out a few things in case by chance the PC's decide to follow them.

And this is where the notes come into play.  Basically the gist is if the PC's wrote it down they think that it might be a useful lead to follow.  Funny thing is a lot of those leads I wasn't planning on.  So now I have to go and do that! hahaha.

I still may grab the laptop, I'll see how it goes.  My hand writing is beyond awful.

Another thing that I need to sit down and work on is a few tie-ins for the backgrounds the PC's rolled up.  That was from my "Plausible backgrounds for old school characters" post.

So the next two days I'll work on all of the above and start gelling the whole thing together.

For example:  The PC's met a bunch of barbarians fighting a giant and killed the barbarians.  The giant said that a group of them lived off to the North West.  I don't have anything written down for them as that was totally off the cuff!

That and one of the barbarians told the PC's to find his father.  I have a few notes on that, but not enough for a finished storyline or even an adventure.  If they decide to pursue any of these, I'll have to be a bit ready for it.

The fun thing is this is all being written as I go.  However creating a proper campaign takes some careful note taking, to which I haven't been doing the best job.

Reminder, read their character sheets.  and write down notes as you go.

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