Monday, July 18, 2016

Old School Session 7 - Part One "The Prisoners Letter"

The PC's pretty well finished up the "Tomb Of Gardag The Strange" last week. During the adventure they stumbled into Gardag's trinket room. (room #20).  Within the room is the following..

1)  A complete Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton.
2)  An exceptionally beautiful woman encased in wax.
3)  A large 7’ Silver Sickle +1.
4)  10 large tapestries hand on the wall (10 x 100GP’s).
5)  A bookshelf with 10 heads in jars.
6)  A suit of cursed black plate mail – 1
7)  A Neanderthal encased in wax.
8) A chest containing 300 SP’s, 400 GP’s.  

Among other things, the PC's found this letter in the room.  (I had originally planned a different encounter for this, but it seemed like a good idea at the time).   The letter points to the "Isle of dread/Monkey Isle".  I plan to do a mash up of both adventures.  The kicker, the PC's are going to have to figure out how to get on board a ship to get there.  It's going to be very expensive, and of course most captains are going to be hesitant to even travel to the feared island.

Here's the letter.  Any guesses as to who the author is? 

I’ve been trying to get this damn merchant captain to understand, but he just doesn’t.  This is the last time I write this story, if you are reading this I hope that you believe me.  You see I was a pirate first mate.  We had been trailing this merchant ship, easy pickings!  All of a sudden the winds started blowing, a huge storm cropped up.  The sea’s spewed forth, knocking us backwards and forwards.  We barely made it thru the night.  We found the island, but just barely. Searching the shores with a lantern we stumbled upon a small village.  It was near the southern shore, nice humans that took care of us for a few days.  The captain decided that we would try a bit of pillaging while we were here.  We were met with some maniacs all covered in paint!  The temple we looted was ancient!  I’d never seen stone work like that.  We saw another high mountain and what looked like a Volcano smoking in the distance, we decided it was best not to go to shore.  We saw strange lizard’s that we had never seen before along the shore.  Huge gargantuan creatures!  We also saw a dragon, or what looked liked a dragon.  The captain decided that it was best to leave the island alone and we soon left.  I want to go back, I know there is more to explore.  I found a coin with a human face and a sheaf of wheat on it.  I talked to a wisened man in a tavern about it, he’d never seen anything like it.  Possibly a elder civilization.  


The 2nd day of the melting.

Once I go thru my notes from the session, I will post "part 2" of this session, detailing all the random stupidity that happened. I am strongly considering filming us at some point.

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