Thursday, July 28, 2016

Somewhere in deep space

The other night I did not sleep.  We had gone out for a few drinks with friends and I was the DD, so I drank a pile of pepsi.  In turn the caffeine hit my brain and I basically stared at the ceiling most of the evening.  Awhile ago I got invited to a G+ community called B/X Campaign Challenge.

This Community is for the Friendly competition of Creating your own B/X Dungeons& Dragon Setting.

The gist of which is to create a campaign setting for B/X, I of course have taken it one step further.  I've decided to add some specific rules to the campaign setting.  Based heavily off of Holmes D&D, with a few other rulesets thrown in for good measure.  Thus far I have the following:

DEX Based Initiative order.
Descending armour class
d6 based damage.

You can view my progress here -

The entire set of rules & setting is inspired by "A Trip to the moon" by Georges Méliès.  If that movie looks familiar its probably because you know who the Smashing Pumpkins are, and have seen the video for tonight tonight.   

I am really hoping to have this completed before I go on vacation, as I'll be away from technology for a few weeks.  Once its done I'll put it up for free.  And I am well aware that we really don't need another rule set, but it's also something I've been wanting to accomplish for awhile.  The only issue that I have is the OGL, creating adventures is fine but stepping into rules territory gives me the skivvies a bit. 

I'll post updates as go.  

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