Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Couple of free D100 tables that have been useful

Couple months back I created 2 - d100 tables.  I posted them up as a pdf download via google drive.  If you missed out on them and would like to try them out, I just put them up on drivethrurpg the other day.  

The old school backgrounds has been particularly handy in my latest campaign.

D100 mildly plausible background stories for Old School Characters

Need a quick background for your characters? Don't need anything to long and invovled.  Here's a easy d100 table for backgrounds.  I've used this in my own games, and it works quite well.  The players fill in the blanks after the initial roll.  

d100 things found in pockets

My thief picks the pocket of the guard, while the other players distract him.  What do I find?  That is one of those moments as a games master where you say "hold on a second.... " Games master loading... 
Don't fret, here's a handy table to help you.

In the next few days hopefully we will finish off The Tomb Of Gardag The Strange
So far its been quite funny!  I'm hoping to include a bit more gruesome horror and suspense into the ending of the adventure.  One thing I may end up doing is add a few more revisions to the module with some player handouts that I've created in the last little while.  



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