Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 14 - blog hop challenge

HOLY BALLS! I'm far behind.  I guess cuz I don't blog on the weekends.  Alright the question is did you meet your significant other playing d&d, or post a random monster.  I'm gonna do both! First off, no I didn't meet her playing D&D, I have however been getting her into it! Slowly but Shirley (who are you calling Shirley?) 2nd, (in protest of valentines day) which was like 5 days ago, I'm posting a random monster!  And here it is, ORCS!

Gawd I love these guys, so useful! They are the bread n butter, or the meat of a lot of D&D/ RPG games, Foot soldiers, minions, what
ever you want to call them, they appear more often than not.

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