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The Caverns Of Ugard - 2 Page Dungeon (LL & B/X Compatible)

The Caverns Of Ugard

OGL Please share use and have fun with! Compatible with LL & B/X

The name Ugard is notorious with pain and fear!  Thru-out the surrounding lands Ugard and his minions threaten, bully and extort money and lives.  The evil Minotaur is holed up in some caverns not far into the wilderness.  A 500 GP's reward has been offered for his horns, 650 GP's for him taken alive and brought to justice. 

1.  Large Open Cavern
A large open cavern with stalagmites and stalactites  litter the interior of the floor & ceiling, there is a small worn down path thru the centre of the cavern, to the south east is an exit.   (there is nothing in the room) 

2.  Jail & Latrine 
This room wreaks of urine & sweat.  In the northern portion of the room is a crude jail made of sticks wedged into holes in the ground.  There is a female human chained to the wall.  A beaten wood table sits to one corner, with 3 goblin guards playing a bone dice game.  On the east wall are 2 latrines dug into the floor. 

3 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5
3 EP's , 1 key for chains of human 
Therella Wyvernjack (Prisoner) - was taken because her father hadn't paid his gambling debts to Ugard

3.  Pet Room 
The door to this room is locked.  This room appears to be a make shift holding cell for wolfs.  There are half eaten deer carcasses, the floor is covered in blood.  Oh the South side of the room is another door with a grate for feeding.  There are 2 Wolfs in the room that look hungry! (On the other side of the door is a pit trap 1D6 damage, allow a save vs rod)

2 Wolfs - AC 7 HD 2+2 Damage 1D6 XP 35

4.  Deep Lake
A huge sprawling cavern opens up, in the centre is a dark lake.  At one time there was a stone bridge across the lake, but it has since crumbled.  There appears to be passages to the west & south, however you cannot get to them without crossing the water.  (the lake is 20 feet deep at the centre)  

 (The lake is filled with piranha's, the south side of the cavern is home to a giant spider, the webbing covers the south exit) 

12 Piranha's AC 8, 1 HP each, Damage 1D4, 5 XP 

Giant Spider AC 6, HD 3, Damage 2D6, poison XP 80.  
(62 CP's, 35 GP's, Potion of heroism, Cursed Scroll) 

*Saving throw VS Wands or risk getting caught in web for 1D4 rounds 

5.  Goblin Prayer Room
This is room is utterly dark, in the centre is a strange idol on a pillar that emanates a dark green light.  It is carved of a black stone, in the shape of a goblin with 2 protruding teeth.  There are 4 goblins in this room praying. 

The idol has a permanent Dispel Good & Dispel Magic spells on it.  It is worth 400 GP's if it can be rested from its location.  Due to the evilness in this room, there is also permanent darkness other than the green hue from the idol, no spells or torches will work.  PC's will have to fight blindly at a -3 to attack rolls
4 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

6.  Dwarfen Mining Cave 
This room is a bustle of activity, about 15 Dwarfs are working steadily chipping away at the rock on the walls.  

15 Dwarfs AC 6 HD 3 Damage 1D6, XP 45

*The dwarfs recently suffered an attack by the goblins & Ugard, they lost some of their companions in the skirmish, and a fabled pickaxe "Gallargeh The Stone Cleaver" (+2 against stone giants).  They are willing to pay 150 GP's for its safe return.  2 Dwarfs will take up the fight provided they are paid 35 GP's per man

7.  Dwarfen Barracks
This room is a makeshift barracks for the Dwarfen Clan, there are beds, crates, a large fire pit in the centre of the room.  There are 8 Dwarfs sleeping, and eating about in the room.   The room is decorating in tapestries depicting the lives and stories of the Clan.  

8 Dwarfs AC 6 HD 3 Damage 1D6, XP 45

8.  Secret Treasure Room
*There is a secret room in the west wall, a small lever behind a tapestry.  Inside the room is a locked trapped chest containing 1000 GP's, 200 SP's and 2 Gems worth 50 GP's each

9.  Ugard's Room
This room is decorated in the heads of recent victims, staked into polls all around the outskirts of the room.  Ugard sits upon a makeshift throne of bones, while 3 goblins tend to him and one does his best to entertain him by dancing.  

Ugard The Minotaur AC 6 HD 6, 2 Attacks 1d6/1d6 XP 820 
*Ugard has a key to room 10, the door is locked

4 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

10.  Treasure Room
The door is locked to this room (and trapped, if the PC's use the key the trap is disabled, if not 1D6 damage) This room is piled high with coins.  

20 CP's 300 SP's, 1 Potion Of Healing, 1D6 Gems (worth 15 GP's each) 
Fabled pickaxe "Gallargeh The Stone Cleaver" (+2 against stone giants).
Chainmail + 1
Dagger + 1

11.  Goblin Barracks
This room is filled with beds and tables, there are 10 goblins in the room.  It appears to be their living space. 

10 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

12.  Goblin Armory
There are 2 Goblins on guard here.  The room is filled with crude weapons and armor.  

2 Goblins - AC 6 HD1 Attack 1D6 XP5

*If the PC's come this way first, one goblin will try and raise an alarm, bringing half of the goblins from room #11.   There are 12 Daggers, 5 Swords, and 6 Leather Armor in this room piled high in one corner and hung on the walls.  They are worth half of what the going rate is, as they are badly made by goblins. 


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