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Telchines - Class

Doing a bit more research on Ancient Greek Mythology, and I discovered the Telchines, which I believe will become a class in Goblins Greed Isle.  This line specifically conjures up some interesting ideas in my mind (pardon the pun) 
"They were believed to bring about hailstorms, snow, and rain at will, to assume any shape they pleased,[8] and produced a substance poisonous to living things."

Brief overview 
Minimum requirements: Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 13 
I'm thinking a standard Experience chart as follows 

1st Level - 2500 XP - HD1 
2nd Level - 5000 XP - HD2 
3rd Level - 10,000 XP - HD3 
4th Level - 22,500 XP - HD4
Quite possibly. 

Courtesy of wikipedia -
In Greek mythology, the Telchines (Greek: Τελχῖνες Telkhines) were the original inhabitants of the island of Rhodes, and were known in Crete and Cyprus.
Their parents were either Pontus and Gaia, or Tartarus and Nemesis, or else they were born from the blood of castrated Ouranosalong with the Erinyes.[1] In another story there were nine Telchines, children of Thalassa and Pontus; they had flippers instead of hands and dogs' heads and were known as fish children.[2]
They were regarded as excellent metallurgists: various accounts[3][4] state that they were skilled metal workers in brass and iron, and made a trident for Poseidon and a sickle for Cronus, both ceremonial weapons.[5] By some accounts, their children were highly worshiped as gods in the ancient towns of Ialysos (Ἰαλυσός), Kamiros (Κάμειρος) and Lindos (Λίνδος).[citation needed] The Telchines were entrusted by Rhea with the upbringing of Poseidon, which they accomplished with the aid of Capheira (Καφείρα), a daughter ofOceanus.[3] Another version says that Rhea accompanied them to Crete from Rhodes, where nine of the Telchines, known as theCuretes, were selected to bring up Zeus.[6]
The Telchines were associated and sometimes confused with the CyclopesDactyls and Curetes.[7]
They were believed to bring about hailstorms, snow, and rain at will, to assume any shape they pleased,[8] and produced a substance poisonous to living things.
The gods (ZeusPoseidon or Apollo) eventually killed them because they began to use magic for malignant purposes;[9] particularly, they produced a mixture of Stygian water and sulfur, which killed animals and plants[10] (according to Nonnus, they did so as a revenge for being driven out of Rhodes by the Heliadae).[11] Accounts vary on how exactly they were destroyed: by flood,[9] or Zeus's thunderbolt,[12] or Poseidon's trident,[13] or else Apollo assumed the shape of a wolf to kill them.[14] They apparently lost one of thetitanomachias, the battles between the gods and the Titans.

THE TELKHINES (or Telchines) were four mysterious magician-smiths and sea daimonesnative to the islands of Keos and Rhodes. They invented the art of metal-working and were said to have crafted the sickle Kronos used to castrate his father Ouranos and later a magical trident for Poseidon which the god used to lever mountains into the sea and form the islands. Their malignant use of magic later angered Zeus, who cast them beneath the sea or into the very depths of Tartaros. These strange Sea Daimoneswere sometimes described with the heads of dogs and fish-flippers for hands.
The Telkhines play a variety of roles in myth, sometimes they appear almost identical to the Hekatonkheires (Storm-Gods) and Elder Kyklopes (Lightning-Thunder metalworkers), at other times they take on the role of Kouretes and Daktyloi, and later as those Rhodian sons of Poseidon known as the Daimones Proseoous. The names of the two of the three, Damnameneus and Skelmis, are those given to Daktyloi by Hesiod.

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