Tuesday, February 11, 2014


As some of you may know I do a weekly podcast about Audio Engineering, Live Sound, etc.  Its called "" and you can find it at -

This has got me to thinking about doing a OSR podcast possibly.  The wonderful folks at Toymakers Television produce a variety of shows, podcasts and youtube videos all about DIY and hacker-ery of hardware & software (yup my word).  For me the entire OSR esthetic is about DIY! and I personally think it fights perfectly with the shows that are currently on their network.

After a brief conversation last night with my co-hort Whisker, doing a D&D type podcast is entirely a do-able idea.  The cool thing is they have a studio setup for live phone in skype calls, and they are working on doing video as well.

Our show (patchbay) is a unscripted conversational podcast, very much in the vein of the TWIT shows,  with Leo Laporte (here's hoping you may have heard some of his stuff).

Not to take anything away from Thaco's Hammer or Roll For Initiative +ROFL Initiative  (as these are both great podcasts), but I feel like there is room for one more podcast.  Something a bit different perhaps.

At this point, I'm currently letting this idea stew in my ye olde brain.  I'd love some thoughts, suggestions, ideas as well.  I'm also looking for a possible co-host.  The real trick with doing podcasting is to have a bit of background doing A/V and be an outgoing person.  I'm guessing this maybe a bit of a finical endeavor at first, but could possible yield beer money eventually.  Much like other niche podcasts, there is a reasonable following for OSR minded people out there, and could be a lot of fun as well!


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