Monday, February 24, 2014

Holmes Damage Rules

I'm sure we've had this discussion before, but I'd like to know your thoughts on it.  As far as I know the rules for Blueholme & the original Holmes rules state that all damage is 1D6 (or in some cases half a D6).  I believe this is all based on role playing so the PC's and monster are all very similar and rather than min/maxing you can decide that your PC will only use a sling or some weapon that normally would only do little damage.

So, what's the thoughts on this? Do you like it? Obviously there was a reason for the change when B/X came out.

Have you played this way?

Personally I didn't realize until after playing one game of Blueholme that I was supposed to only being using D6's for damage.  The next time we played I switched it, and quite enjoyed it.  I suppose the only issue is that you really don't need to buy a polyhedral set, all you need is a d20 & a d6 to play (and DM you need some percentile dice for treasure etc).


  1. I'm using it in my game, and it definitely streamlines character creation. I put my thoughts about it down here:

    1. I like your system for leveling up Topher. Also I had a belly laugh at "Two-Handed BonerShank sword" good stuff