Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 9 - Blog Hop Challenge

First campaign setting you played in (home brew or published).  First setting I was a player in was probably Mystara, a friend of mine got the red box in the early 90's and we played a few sessions in it.  I believe he may have created his own little city in part of the world, or drew up a map of a city that was on the map.  The first setting I ever ran was Forgotten Realms for Ad&d, the first setting I ran ever was Titan, specifically Allansia in Fighting Fantasy, but I digress this is the D&D Challenge.  I've always liked the Forgotten Realms, and I play to do a bit more with it.  Apparently they are doing some big event called "the sundering" which features quite a lot of the FR Authors, the public, and I believe possibly some modules as well eventually.  If you ask me its kind of a neat idea.

What is the Sundering?

The Sundering will reshape the Forgotten Realms, involving the whole pantheon of gods, many nations, countless individuals, and the fabric of the cosmos itself. Powerful forces both mortal and divine are set in motion, and will bring an end to the Era of Upheaval. Over the course of this huge story event, players will have the opportunity to help shape the future of Faerûn and make their story legend.

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