Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 20 - Blog Hop Challenge

First non D&D rpg you ever played?  The first RPG I ever played wasn't D&D, but Advanced Fighting Fantasy, which was a take off from the original series of Fighting Fantasy game novels (similar to choose your own adventure, but with dice).  There is a new version of the RPG which is very good, you can find it here -

There is also a google + community which I created and then passed on to another fellow gamer.

You can download the quickstart PDF right here FOR FREE! -

As a side note to this blog, the one game that I've been considering getting into is Mutant Future! I had a look thru the rest of the questions for the blog hop challenge, and there is no mention of games that you'd like to play in the future, so I figured I'd just add that to this question.  I've been playing a LOT of Fallout 3 lately, and doing a lot of reading on the latest version of D20 Gamma World, as well as Mutant Future.  I think I'm going to go ahead and print off Mutant Future to take home a read thru shortly.  (I need to get an ipad ugh)  After taking a look at they have quite a lot of handy little programs for creating maps & adventures etc.

Anyways, I have a few scenario's jumbling around my head, including a destroyed city crawl, a little fallout and hunger games thrown in for good measure.

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