Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RPGing Update

After a brief discussion with my wife, I think we may continue on playing Herosquest, as in her words  "Its a bit more structured than D&D".  Obviously its a bit "my bad", that the last few times we played were unstructured.  Regardless I'm quite happy to be playing anything, and Herosquest is super fun! (the first session took us 3 hours!)

Last night, prior to falling asleep I had a bunch of ideas running around my head for a D&D adventure. The one thing I've taken from some of the adventures I've read/played and written is that there has been a lack of intrigue, traps, puzzles, etc.  Throwing big monster after monster, is fun, but I need a bit more sustenance in an adventure.  I have an interesting idea for a plot, that is slowly moulding in my brain this morning.

The one adventure I wrote - see here, I think I may finish typing up and offer up for free shortly.

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