Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No we don't really need another clone

However, after reading a crap tone of different rules sets, I've come to the obvious conclusion that I need a hack!  In the spirit of all the original "house rules" I'm going to slowly start working on my own version of the world's most famous role playing game.  I'll obviously put up a download of it for free with the OGL, in case anyone else wants it.  First off I'd like to point out that I only play D&D with 2 player's, so starting people off at first level tends to be a TPK.  Here are the things I'm considering,

  • Variable weapon damage
  • One thaco for all classes or alternatively ascending AC, I'm leaning towards original D&D on this.
  • Dexterity initiative or group initiative with modifiers (1D6 highest goes first) 
  • Experience, either after every adventure everyone automatically level's up (ala Dragonsquest/herosquest) or a straight forward leveling system for all classes, level 1 - 2500, level 2 - 5000. 
  • Starting levels would be 2nd level hit dice, (everyone gets 2D6 starting) adding one more d6 per level.  Although the level would be considered level 1
  • Same goes for thieves' skills & magic user spells, and you might think well why don't you just start everyone a little later in life, nah I like this idea. 
  • A set of character traits to be rolled at the start, (very similar to the NPC traits found in keep on the borderlands) strictly for role-playing.  
  • Secondary skills from AD&D, basically this is the PC's back-story, "oh so I used to be a fletcher before I became an adventurer, handy".
  • Skill checks will be based on Difficulty Class, so 13 (easier) 15 (a little harder) 17 (friggin difficult) 
  • Same 6 beloved attributes with +'s & -'s from original D&D, these are added to attack rolls or when necessary skill check rolls.
  • I'll include saving throws & turning undead table (although it will be relative to 2nd level as a starting point). 
  • I'm doing away with Platinum, Electrum, etc pieces and just sticking with Silver & Gold, I've always done this, its just a bunch of extra crap I don't like to deal with. 
  • No race as a class, all races can be all classes, (4 usual classes) 
Obviously the entire point of this is to do away with TPK's as much as possible.  What I'm considering call this is "-3", to acknowledge that fact that its meant for less than 3 players.  So as you can see there is a mix of a bunch of different versions of D&D.  

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