Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Day Challenge! - Day 1 - "How You Got Started"

Just caught this - I'm totally doing this and you should too!

Day 1 - How I got started 

A long time ago in a bedroom in the basement....

Actually I started playing D&D because I was really into the Fighting Fantasy Novels, When we were all kids that's what we got into and we had almost all of the book's and would trade etc.  I remember playing Advanced Fighting Fantasy with my cousin, he had this book called "dungeoneer", it was magical.  Soon after I played AD&D 1E with my other cousin and was totally hooked.  Since all of my friends were into Fighting Fantasy, I got a copy of Dungeoneer and started playing with them.  Eventually I got D&D 2nd edition and we went from there.  Along the way we played Hero's Quest, Dragonstrike, Dragon Quest and a few other table top games.  Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of times when I wasn't the DM, I remember only once playing with a friend of mine and he had the red box, I think I was a wizard and got my ass handed to me early on.

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