Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Further to the "Decisions???" Post

I've decided to stick with Basic Fantasy & the Chaotic Caves module for the next adventure I run.  I'm going to leave B/X alone for the time being, as its just another System that I may or may not end up using or just adding to my overwhelmed sense of mind! haha.  Since our gaming group has only met a few times, starting something new from scratch won't be too difficult.  However, because I still want to "create" something, I've been working on a few ideas, including a mega dungeon.  I'm going to make my best effort to finish it up and give it away as soon as possible! I plan to use OSRIC rules as, it allows people to produce modules without much extra legal work.

I had considered using B/X for the simple fact that it is Basic D&D, and with that a sense of nostalgia comes along, however running my one shot Blueholme adventure and my one shot Basic Fantasy adventure, made me realize from a DM stand point, I quite like the Ascending AC thing.  Other than that major difference, in my mind, Basic fantasy is as close to OSR as I can get, without having to look up THACO tables, which we can all agree is a wholesome pain in the arse.

The other night I had looked thru The Keep on the borderlands and a few other modules, including Chaotic Caves, (which is sorta a mashup of the keep, and a small sandbox), and I realized, that its really what I'm looking for, the Chaotic Caves that is.   I had briefly considered using The Keep as a home base for the PC's, (loosing the caves in the module) and creating a bunch of extra scenarios, but this just means a lot more work, and I already have some really good scenarios within CC anyways.  Or for that matter, Using the Keep as the home base, the scenarios from CC, and creating a new map... BLARG, Too much work LOL!  Its all just a starting point anyways.  Leave it be Shane... leave it be....

So, here's another meandering useless blog about nothing particularly in general, but that fact that I really need to DM something soon!

Later tonight, I'll re-arrange my binder for the upteenth time, and prep for CC, and wait for my players and some dice.

In the mean time I'll finish up this friggin mega dungeon.  I have already 10 pages of handwritten notes, and about 6 maps completed.

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