Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 4 Favorite Game World

Well this one is going to come out of left field for you D&D types, My favorite game world is TITAN.

You can find it here -

The latest version of the Titan source book was published by Arion Games, which is available for purchase.  I suggest you pick it up, its a GREAT world to adventure in, regardless of the system you are using.

Here is what the world looks like.

The world of Titan is an extremely dangerous place. Mankind and its allies huddle in fortified settlements, for beyond the castle walls the wild lands stretch across three continents. Out in the wastelands, Orc tribes war with each other for dominance. Savage monsters roam at will in search of food. Evil sorcerers ready their inhuman armies for battle. No one, surely, would venture out into such inhospitable places - unless the rewards were so great a hero couldn't possibly refuse!

- The Book Allansia, late 3rd century AC.

Titan is the name of the Fighting Fantasy world. It is where the majority of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone'sFighting Fantasy books are set, as well as providing the setting for the Sorcery! epic, most of the novels, and many of the other affiliated publications. It is treated in detail in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, a guide book written by Marc Gascoigne (though credited to Jackson and Livingstone) in 1986.

A good percentages of the adventures I ran using Advanced Fighting Fantasy where on the continent of Allansia.  

You can find more information about Allansia right here -

[It] may offer the greatest prizes for a daring, ambitious adventurer, but it also offers the greatest dangers. Throughout the land, the Forces of Evil are drawing together, growing ever stronger. In the north, corrupt humans bring forth wild magic into the world, knowing little of what they are really doing; and creatures are stirring in the southern swamps, things that will ultimately affect all of Allansia.

Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World284AC, The Year of the Fox.[1]

The other world I grew up with was "The Forgotten Realms"  specifically this box set (for AD&D 2nd Edition).  We adventured in "The Dales" , which seems to be from my experience where a lot of people ended up adventuring as it was very tailored to it.  I also ended up running some adventures in Cormyr.  

Here is a wiki for the Forgotten Realms 

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