Sunday, September 15, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 14 Favorite NPC

I've been looking forward to this one! In my current campaign (which is based on Basic Fantasy's module - The Laughing Dragon which you can download here - )  My favorite NPC is Fonkin The Gnome Wizard, I've been playing him sort of like Sheldon from TBBT,  In the first part of the quest , he sends the hero's out to look for some things that have been stolen from his hut by his EX apprentice.  When playing him I've been trying to take everything literally the way Sheldon does in the show.  As far as other campaigns I've ran, Obviously for Forgotten Realms, Elminster is great fun to play, he's modeled after Gandalf as far as I'm concerned, and every time I played him, I played him aloof just like Gandalf the Grey.  When I used to play advanced fighting fantasy, I really enjoyed adventuring in Port Blacksand, and one of the main antagonists was Lord Azzur, not really so much a NPC as a Pain in the arse!  If I remember correctly AFF also had a NPC wizard guy like Gandalf/Elminster although for the life of my I can't remember his name off hand.  It seems that the Wizard as a NPC rears their heads in every type of fantasy game that I've played.  Have you found this? Why is the a Wizard the guy that always sends everyone out on foolhardy quests?

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